cotto: la materia prima la terra

cotto: la materia prima la terra
EARTH: The essence of an high quality product is mainly in its MATERIAL. In fact the clays have been rigorously selected. But our real pride is our CLAY that is extracted from the historical quarry of the place, providing valuable doughs, which, thanks to their particular mineral composition, create a particularly bright ROSY COTTO. The clay, extracted in clods, is selected and stored to be dried. A particular treatment is followed to work the clay. First it is grinded into very fine powder and then it is winnowed to eliminate every possible impurity, such as fossil fragments, commonly known as “calcinello”. This basic operation avoids the exfoliation of bricks due to those impurities, normally present inside clay, which is, in this way, ready to be shaped.
cotto: la lavorazione con l'acqua

cotto: la lavorazione con l'acqua
WATER: Imagine to knead bread: that is the way to work the clay. Instead of flour, there is river sand, spread on the working table. From the dough made of clay and WATER, some “cakes” are made, with the only pressure of hands, in various sized wooden frames.
cotto: la cottura

cotto: la cottura
FIRE: …lying on the ground on a heated square, the bricks are dried for two days and then trimmed BY HAND one by one with a knife. Then they are put into the oven, stacked in a pile over some carts, disposed like a “castle of cards”, allowing FIRE to enter equally between one unit and another. They stay inside the oven for 3 days, with a temperature reaching 1020C , guaranteeing their toughness during time.
lavorazione del cotto
Working process of handmade terracotta
From Nature the Cotto, Terracotta. Earth, water and fire is all we need.
The working process of our rosy terracotta is rigorously made by hand. The work begins in the quarry, where the clay in clods is chosen and stored to be dried and than grinded into very fine powder so to be pure.
The powder is then mixed with water, ready to make “cakes” to mould in various sized wooden frames.
These “campigiane” are dried on the ground and then finished by hand with a knife. Once dried, they are put in oven to be baked at one thousand degrees, guaranteeing their toughness during time. The artisan cure and knowledge of the different steps of working process make our product a boast of quality. bricks, tiles, stars, rhombus, squares, hexagons, steps, baseboards are hand-made.
finiture in cotto
cotto fatto a mano
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